Security Counsulting

Security Consulting

Protective Services Inc. will provide highly experienced and professional commercial security consultants, risk management, and employee theft assessment for all your needs.

Consulting Services

  • Corporate
  • Security Assessment
  • We will design your specific program to meet yours needs: On site surveys, Analysis of current security measures, Facilities activities analysis.
  • Asset Indication: Current security measures (Policies & Procedures, Physical Security, Security Personal).
  • Threat Assessment: Crime analysis
  • Business Surveillance

Consulting: Employee Theft Assessment: Unfortunately, it's a proven fact that some employees steal from their employer. You might be at risk too. Allow us to investigate your operations as “secret shoppers.” Protective Services Inc. undercover investigators will detect acts of disloyalty and catch your dishonest! But our loss prevention services does not stop here. We can provide an even greater understanding about your employee relations. As undercover “new employees”, our investigators will learn of and document any and all subversive activities that we encounter. A professional private investigations company; our formal written assessment will document all cases of abuse and discuss appropriate measures for protecting your business and preventing any further threats to your business.

Our Locations

Howard Beach Office

149-11 84th st.
Howard Beach, NY 11414
Phone: (347) 313-8477